Why You'll Love Proud Moments

Leadership That Listens

At Proud Moments, leadership provides you with the mentorship, tools, and autonomy to achieve success in your career. Enjoy working with leaders who truly listen to your feedback, value your ideas, and utilize your opinions to grow. Plus, leadership understands the importance of having a flexible schedule and respects your work life balance.

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Support At Every Turn

Join a team that has ambition for shared success. Surround yourself with friendly and supportive colleagues who maintain open communication and collaboration across all departments to deliver better care. At Proud Moments, everyone contributes, and everyone is willing to help. You know you have the support system you need to do your job well.

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Mission Driven Growth

Join a fast-growing organization whose commitment to clients is deeply engrained in the core mission – and whose team members go above and beyond every day to prove it. Contribute to an evolving and adaptable organization that has never lost sight of what matters most, to provide personalized and compassionate care.

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What Our Employees Have to Say

"I feel supported and valued by upper management. They give us the training we need to perform job tasks and want their employees to achieve their best."
"I know I am not just another face or just another employee at Proud Moments, because they care about me personally. It makes me proud to say I work for Proud Moments."
"Management is great and always open to new ideas, opinions, and feedback. I love how much they value the opinions of their employees and use this to grow."
"At Proud Moments you become part of a team where everyone supports each other both locally and on a corporate level - support is everywhere & we really work well together."
"Proud Moments is an amazing organization to work for with such a positive atmosphere. There is a great support system here and they truly care about their employee's wellbeing."
"We have a family-like environment here - you can ask any questions, your ideas are heard, and office staff are very responsive and always willing to help."
"Proud Moments provides a valuable and needed service to families - it has honestly been one of the most rewarding experiences working for this organization."

Perks and Benefits

Continuing Education

Our employees have access to continuing education, monthly webinars and special training events.

Work-Life Balance

We offer flexible, full-time and part-time scheduling options to accomodate our employees.

Career Advancement

We are committed to providing support, education, and continued advancement opportunities.

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The Proud Moments Team

Putting smiles on the faces of so many families

Turning ordinary moments into Proud Moments

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